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How to backup / download your emails from Google mail account

Google mail was released  on 04/01/2014.Google is well known, its a free email which google service developed. a lot of users can access Google mail on the web by using third party programs. I notice many users dump their Gmail account due to lot of reasons like; forgetting their password, their account been hacked , finding it difficult to get back in to their account but guess what ? you can actually Do a Google back up!

You can  actually back up your files like document in pdf, photos , mails , anything you got on your mail account. because the honest truth is what if your mail got hack , how would you get your documents back ? or if the Gmail server goes down due to any reason , then what happens next ? you could lose access to your whole emails, be it temporarily or permanently. 

will be teaching you how to back up your emails on your Gmail.
there are different ways to backup your emails, it either you use the Google tools or use a third party solution.

STEP (1) Login to your Gmail account. on the left side of the home page, click the three (3) straight line and locate the settings, then you'll see some options: General settings, the mail account logged in, the add account. click on the mail you want to back up.

STEP (2)  you'll see lot of option, just locate the "Mange your Google Account" and click on itit is usually at the top. Google will automatically take you to Google Account full settings.

STEP (3) you'll see Home , Personal information, Data and personalisation, Security, People and sharing , Payment and subscription.
Click on the Data and personalisation , scroll down and locate the Download your data. 
Goggle will automatically take you to Google takeaway, where you'll be allowed to select what to download (back up)  . now select what you need to back up and download from your mail  to your phone or computer.

STEP (2) choose how you want to download/save your emails and other stuffs in your google account  to your phone or computer or you can just click the box that says all. you can choose .zip file or .tgz file. you can also choose where you want google to send your download link to , either  to drive , dropbox, onedrive or via email. email is preferable so you can just go on your mail and tap on the link , then download the zip file to your phone or computer.

That's it, we are done here !!   
Note: it might take some time for Google to send you the link depending on what you have on your gmail account.

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