How to make music/beats using GarageBand (for MacBook)

How to make music/beats using GarageBand 
(for MacBook) 

By using apples GarageBand, you can create you’re own unique rap beats by mixing and looping prerecorded audio clips. If you’re Using GarageBand You don’t need any proper music coaching or software knowledge because its pretty easy to navigate. All you need is an open mind and a idea of a beat you want to make. So lets  get it started!!!!!!!

Create a new file on GarageBand project, tap the GarageBand icon and click on empty project , go down the bottom and press “choose”. IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS BEFORE YOU PRESS CHOOSE.

Step 2.
When you have selected empty project, there will be three options, a piano, a microphone, a guitar connected to an amp, and a drum set, click on the piano and click create.

Step 3.
Before you start mixing your beats together you have to set  the tempo, now depending on how fast or slow you want your beat for, a slow beat set your tempo between 80 and 110. For a slow beat, set your tempo between 140 and 170.

Step 4.
To make a rap beat you would need to select electric drum kit and then scroll down to the trap door sound and tap on it. This will give you a rap sound effect.

Click on the loop button to access a wide range of loops and sounds. Enter the word hip hop to the search bar in the top right hand corner, after  this step has been done, you will have a wide variety of loops to choose from.

Step 6.
Tap on each loop once to hear it and then pick your best choice that you will like to use for your beat. Once you have chosen a loop drag and drop it at the start of you track.

Step 7.
Repeat from step 6  as many times as you want  until you have a cool rap beat.

Step 8.
If you have reached this step congratulations, you have made you very first beat. Subscribe to this blog for more aticles.

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