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Easy way to install a different blogger template/theme on blogspot

First thing a new blogger would like to do is to change the look of a website. it if very important to apply a template to a website to make it look moderate, more beautiful and yeah to make it user friendly. Most blogger or website owner find it difficult to apply a different template outside the website control panel. i will be teaching you on how to apply a different template on blogspot. either you bought the template online or you have downloaded a free one to use.


Buy any template online , or you can download free one by searching it on google. if  you download a free one online, most of the owner of that template/ theme has a copyright on the footer. if you wish to learn how to remove the copyright stuff on blogger footer when you apply the free theme , click HERE. Now, to install the template on your blog,
STEP 1). Login on
STEP 2). On the left side of the panel, look straight down and locate the theme, close to the settings. Click on the theme and locate the customize and edit HTML. befoer you edit the HTML, make usre you back up your files incase you make errors, you can alway go back and update. now  hit the edit HTML. If your using mobile phone, click on the option menu at the right hand side to locate the html .
what is HTML?
HTML mean hypertext markup language, they are kind of document created to be shown on the web, like coding & java script.

After clicking on the edit HTML,  you'll see some codes for the themes. Yeah , different codes. Delete all the codes you have inside and make it empty. if your using a PC, click on CTRL + A to select all the codes, then cut all the codes away.
Now open your downloaded templates but buying the templates will be advisable. after opening your downloaded templates, copy all the codes and paste it into the empty space of the html you just finish cutting away. after pasting it, now save the theme/ templates and go to your blog/website and refresh it. and yeah your new template/theme will be installed successfully.

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