Embed your Facebook fan page on your website

What's  the usefulness of embedding your Facebook fan page on your website? It makes your visitors engage with your Facebook fan page on your website without them stepping out of your blog. They can comment, like,and share your Facebook page without leaving your website.

How to embed your Facebook page on your website 

To embed your Facebook on your website ,  let get the code from Facebook first.

Go to this url :


After entering the Facebook url, now type in your Facebook page, tick the appropriate box there , you can tick the "use small header" if you want the header of your Facebook page to be small , it all clear there.   (see image above ). After that , scroll down and click on the get code. See images below.

After clicking on the get code , you'll see javascript sdk and iframe , switch  to iframe and copy all the codes you have  there. Now the code facebook gave you on iframe , we are now taking  thise code to your blogbost control panel and paste it on HTMl / JAVASCRIPT.

Don't know where to find the HTML / JAVASCRIPT ???? Don't worry, I'll put you through..

Login on blogger.com , go to layout on your control panel  and add a Gadget.
Note: only add a gadget to the specific  place  you want your embedded facebook page to be or , you can add the gadget anywhere then move to your preferred place.
Now choose add  HTML/JAVASCRIPT. After adding , paste the code you copied from Facebook ( the iframe codes )

After pasting it , you can name the title Facebook or name is " hey am on Facebook " which ever one you want. Now click on the save button . And yes we are done.. if you've successfuly done all this,  your embedded facebook page should look like the image below.

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  1. How can I change my websites
    To just peacedammypea.com
    And for my policy how will I do

    1. I'll be teaching that on my next post, stay tuned 🔊🔊🔊🔊