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How to add Google Adsense ads.txt file to your website on blogspot for bloggers- by lalemi ayo

Ads.txt file is an IAB initiative to improve transparency in programmatic advertising. This ads.txt file is crawlable by exchanges , SSP and other third part vendors and buyers  which makes it publicly.

We need to know how/where  to input the ads.txt file to on blogspot for bloggers. It easy for some people but trust me, not everyone has the IQ to figure things out on time.

First you need the  code(ads.txt)  from your third party vendor. After getting it , we now head to your website and input that code to your custom ads.txt for monetization.

How to add Google Adsense ads.txt to your website on blogspot for bloggers.

Login on , on your left side of the control panel , locate the search  preferences and click on it. Now at the down part of the page , locate the Monetization , under monetization,  click on the edit beside it at the right hand side and enable it. A space will be shown for you to paste your ads.txt code in it.

Now copy the code Google adsense gave to you and paste it there,  then save.
After few minutes,  Google will detect the txt file and they will be able to read the raffic and other stuff  from your website.

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