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How to add a cool pop up cookies policy notice on your website- by lalemi ayo

A cookies policy notification is a pop up message for first time visitors entering your website.This provides your users more information about your policies and you can literally add a link to the policy page.

How to add a cool pop up cookies policy notice on your website

there are different third parties website that offers the pop up policy notification, i recommend you use OSANO.

You don't need to sign up on the website , just head straight to Start coding. After clicking on start coding , some settings will be displayed for you to create how you want the pop up cookies policy message to appear.

Position: This is where you want the pop up to appear. either you want the pop up of the cookies policy to be at the bottom, top, top (push down ), floating left and floating right.

Layout: this is just the way you want the message to appear , maybe in block , classic , edegless or wire.

Palette: This allow you to choose the theme you want and color you would like to you , you can  choose a color related to your website.

Learn more link :  This is a cookie policy link space, just copy the link to your cookies policy page and paste it in the space provided in learn more link.

Compliance type: they are different compliance, you can choose to tell your users you have policy, choose to let your visitors opt out of the cookies or ask users to opt in cookies.

Custom text: This allows you to customize your own message that users read about letting them know on the cookies policy notification.

After all this process , now we need to copy the codes given to you and paste it into your Html on your website.

Copy the first codes ( copy html ). for Blogspot users , login on , on the left side of your control panel , locate the theme. After locating the theme, click on it, now at the right side of the panel inside the theme settings , right click and click on edit HTMl, lot of codes will be displayed to you, just locate the open <head>  tag and paste the first code given to you just after the <head> tag.

Now head back and copy the other code given to you ( copy code) . after copying the code , now go to layout on control panel , aftet going to your layout , Locate the entry for " HTML/JAVASCRIPT" and click on the Add to blog button.this will bring up a new page allowing you to add some HTML or JAVASCRIPT to your sidebar. Now paste the second code you have copied and click on the save button.

After saving, go to your website and refresh it!!!! if you successfully do all this , your cookies policy pop up notification should look like mine below.....

And we are done here.... if you find this helpful , don't forget to comment and share!!!!!

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