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How To Add Instagram Page widget On your website for bloggers -by lalemi ayo

What's  the usefulness of  Instagram  page Widget on your website? It makes your visitors engage with your Instagram page on your website without them stepping out of your blog. They can also see your posts without leaving your website.

Follow this guides to add your Instagram page widget to your website

How To Add Instagram Page widget  On your website for bloggers 

Go on snapwidget website at: create an account or login if you have one already.After successfully creating the account and you have logged in, click on Skip this on the next page  you see , do not click on the CHOOSE A SERVICE  or else you want to purchase a higher version.

Now create a widget! you can choose any type of widget you want, they have instagram pop up , instagram grid, instagram slide show etc. please check and make sure your choosing the free version and you can choose a pro if you have enough cash to pay , it's honestly up to you.

After choosing your widget style , you'll be provided a place to write your description, position of the button ,text , delay , time out and also a place  login your instagram details , don't worry your account is safe. when you've logged in your instagram details, instagram will ask if you would allow snapwidget to access your profile information , just click on authorize.

After adding your instagram account and after filling the necessary things, now click on the get Widget.  A pop up will display showing some codes, copy the codes and we are one step away.
Now we are taking this codes back to our website and paste it into the HTML file on your website.

For anyone using blogger, Login on , go to layout on your control panel  and add a Gadget.
Note: only add a gadget to the specific  place  you want your Instagram page widget to be or , you can add the gadget anywhere then move to your preferred place.
Now choose add  HTML/JAVASCRIPT. After adding , paste the code you copied from snapwidget into the space provided for you. you can put anything as the title or name it Hey!! am on instagram then clcik on save. if you successfully do all this , your instagram page widget should look like this below.
Note: it might be different depending on what widget style you choose on snapwidget before generating the HTML code. in my case, i choose the pop up widget style.

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