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How to know / check if your site has been index on Google

Do you know what search Engine indexing means?

The word indexing is a procedure where Google server crawls  " navigates  And get information" From your website. Google server crawlers get every pages on your site, stores data to get quick and accurate  information and then used to find pages and content on your site when a user perform a web search in the future.
Basically,  indexing helps your site's content to be found on the web.

I know you just started blogging, and this stuffs seems complicated. But guess what ? They are not!. To check how  your blog or site is been indexed is pretty way easy to know. if you pay attention to the procedures, you'll find it easy in no time. I'll  put you through,  how about that ??

Let get started !!!!!

How to know / check if your site has been index on Google

Step 1) Login to
Step 2) on the left side of your control panel , look straight down and locate the "settings", 》》 "Basic" then ,  you'll see "listed on blogger.  Visible to search engines". Click on the "edit".

Finding this easy ? Yep . Let proceed.....
After clicking on the "Edit" ,  a dialog box will show up asking if you "would like to add your blog to their listing" and the other will say  would "you like search engines to sesrch your blog". Click YES on both.

After clicking on yes on both,  hit the save button.
Now you have launched your blogger website to be indexed. It will literally take Google 24 hrs to make your website searchable.
If you can't find your blog on google search after few days , try submitting your xml sitemap to Google console .

To confirm if your blog has been indexed by good.

Go to your browser and type in :

See mine.

See image below.

You can see the above image , my site is well indexed by Google.

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