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How to save your work as PDF on Coreldraw

many users find it difficult to save their work as PDF on Coreldraw. but guess what ? it is not difficult as you think.
wondering why everyone cant just save it normally without exporting it has pdf ?
PDF is well known and can be used for different purposes. it is a file format that was created by adobe in the 1970s to make document presentable, goes along with images, text formatting, etc...

Coreldraw is a software for graphic designers that includes tools needed for website creation, layout, web graphics, photo editing and illustration. if one create a file in .cdr format, they can only be opened on or edited in Coreldraw or any third party program like inkscape are capable of viewing the format.
the inability to open this file with other applications makes the cdr files unsuitable for sending out to people.this is why having your document or files in PDF format make is presentable because, PDF files can be opened by a wide variety of people.

How to save your work as PDF  document on Coreldraw

STEP 1) Open your Coreldraw software, press CTRL + O to open the option for you to choose a file you wish to convert to PDF or at the top left part of the panel, click on file and click on open, this will bring out options for you to select a file from your computer.

STEP 2) at the top left part of the panel which i have mentioned in step 1, click on the file,  locate the "Publish to PDF" and click on it. then, you'll see a pop up asking you to input the file name , you can put your preferred name and the other saying save as, just leave it on save as PDF then hit the save button.

That it , we are done, easy right ? yeah! now you can save  any document as many as you want to PDF .

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