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How to embed a post on Instagram to an article on your blog on blogspot - by lalemi ayo

It is very important to know how to embed post from Instagram to your blog ,  especially to people who use Instagram the most or people telling stories from Instagram. As always, people own their Instagram content, and embedded posts give the proper attribution by showing the username and linking back to the original content on Instagram.

To embed this , you need to get an embed code from the post you wish to embed on your  website.

Login on Instagram through their website (chrome,or any other browser) and  not application !!!!!. if you Don't Have one , you can create here . now search the profile of where you saw the post  you would like to embed , go on the profile, enter the post, now click on the three(3) dot  at the right side of the picture.

After clicking on those dots which is an option menu , you'll see diffrent option menu , just click on the  "embed" option. See image below.

After clicking on the embed option, a pop up will display  showing the embed code. Tick the include caption to show caption on the article,  untick to remove caption. Now copy your embed code and get ready to place it on your  website.

After you've copied your code , for users using blogspot , go on your panel , click on post, now click on new post,  compose your articles , when your ready to place the Instagram part , switch your article frim compose to HTML then past the embed code you copied from the Instagram profile. Make sure you give a space  before pasting the embed codes so it won't look too rough . If you don't still understand,  check the screenshot below.

After pasting the embed code to your HTML , you can switch back to compose and keep writing your articles.  After your done with whatever your blogging or talking about,  click on publish.
Now go to your website and check out the post , and yeah we are done!

If you successful do all this ,  your embedded post  should look like mine above.
Note: the embedded post will work but will  not display if the account you copied the embed code from  is on private.

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