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Things to know about Limitations of Blogger- by lalemi ayo

It's actually good to know the limitations of the blogger. Blogger is free, so it definitely has some limitations and most of us can never reach these limits.

Limitations of Blogger

-Number of Blogs: The maximum is 100 blogs for each account.

-A number of Team Members: The maximum is 100 members for each blog.

-Number of Labels: maximum 2000 / 1 blog and 20 / 1 post.

-Size of Pages: maximum 1 MB HTML code.

-Size of Image: maximum 250K per image (limits for mobile-only, unlimited with desktop)

-Size of Image Hosting: maximum 1GB per account, but can increase when you link Blogger with G+.

-Blog Description Length: maximum of 500 characters, raw text, not HTML.

-“About Me” Description Length: Maximum 1200 characters

-“Profile Interests and Favorites” Length: 2000 characters in each field.

Blogger doesn't have any limit for Number of Posts, Pages, Comments, and also has no limit for Number of Images, you just upload any images until you reach the size of Image Hosting. There is no limit for the size of the post too.

Even if you reach the limits, Google still has some options for you to pay to get premium service which allows you to do almost things unlimited.

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