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How to back-up and save up your website/blog theme on blogspot for bloggers on for future purpose

People still find it difficult to backup and save their website theme to their computer or mobile phone. it is very important to know how to make this backup in case of any website theme  crash or anything that can happen to make you lose everything on your blog. You can easily upload the backup and everything will be back to normal. You can even import it to a different blog on blogger and all what you have done will still be in contact!!

It is very easy to do this back up to your blog ( for people using only).

How to back-up  and save up your website/blog theme on blogspot for bloggers on for future purpose

Login into , on the left side of your control panel , locate the Theme/Template and click on it.
This will take you to the theme settings. Now right click on the three(3) dots at the right corner and you'll see different options like :
Back up - This will let you back up the whole website/ Blog theme 
Restore- This will allow you restore your theme  content back to the website in case you lose anything (only if you back it up!)
Switch to first Generation classic theme: This will allow you to change your theme to default.
Edit HTML: This is where all the coding of your website are.
Mobile settings : This can allow you to choose your theme in mobile way or desktop.

This is very obvious, just click on the Back up , Then click on DOWNLOAD.

when you click on download, your whole blog theme will be compressed as an HTML file and will be stored on your computer or mobile. Now you can always restore your blog theme if you have any difficulties, when you have too much blog theme error or even when your blog theme  crashes. just follow the same procedure and click on the restore and upload the back up file which you have downloaded.

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