The easiest way to change your blogger E-mail address for logging in with the trick of Authors permission

i understand many of us might have opened a blog with some random e-mail address and then later find the blog useful, and I don't think blogger has any settings for you to change your e-mail address for logging in.They are different ways (tricks) of changing blogger e-mail addresses but i'll be showing you the easiest way of doing that. it is actually easy to do but most people find it hard to figure it out themselves.

follow this steps to successfully change your blogger e-mail address for logging in  with the trick of Authors permission

Login to, on the left side of your control panel, locate 'settings' and click on it. then click on 'basic'. after clicking on basic , at the down part , locate the ''PERMISSION " part and you will see Blog Authors. Now your current e-mail will be shown there as the Admin which has the control over the entire blog, so the plan is to add a new author to your blog then that author will have  part of the access to your blog , then you'll delete your self from the blog and yeah the new author will now have full access to the blog. Grab that ????

Now add new author to your blog( the new e-mail you will like to change it to) ,this will invite your new e-mail address. go on your new e-mail address and check for the mail from blogger and accept the request.

After accepting, your can now delete your old e-mail address and the new one will fully have access to the blog and yeah you have successfully changed your e-mail address on your blog.
NOTE: you can only delete your old e-mail address only if you add a new author to your blog.
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