ways one can monetize a website to earn cool income

I see lot of people just blog for fun and some just use it for different purpose , but do you know there is more to it ? you can actually get paid by advertising peoples stuff on your website , you don't have to be famous to start advertising, it will be more better if you love writing article, because the more people engage , the more visitors, the more money!  all you need is monetize your website and get cool cash.
There are different affiliate programs but i recommend you to register for this company below to monetize your blog.
-Google Adsense

How do they work ?
Google adsense is actually the best and it own by Google , you can make money through impression or clicks . impression is based on the number of page views you have on your website with ads, and clicks is how many clicks you get on ads from your visitors. They've made it so easy in a way that when you place their code on your website , ads will automatically show in the best place and will also fit with how your website look like.

when you earn $10 , Google adsense will send you a verification code to confirm you own the account, a letter will be sent to your home address you have provided, so it advisable not to put wrong details when registering. you will also have to put some ads.txt file to make google track your activities so they know who they are dealing with. it sound pretty stressful right ? but it worth it because if you get approved for it , you'll start making money in no time, and all you have to do is keep posting and making traffics.

click here to register for Google Adsense 

Infolink is also easy to set up with just a simple code placed on your website and ads will automatically show up on your website , but before you start using this people, you should know your website need to have a good amount of traffic before you can earn , you actually need to get your traffic from countries like the u,k , u.s and Canada before you can earn a high CPM on infolink.
you can get paid by infolink with this options below.
-Western union: which is $15 minimum
-Bank wire transfer; which is $25 and 2% to get your payment via your local currency
-Paypal: U.s residents is $1 and anyone else is 2% up to $10
-E-check: which is  $6 + 2% for currency conversion
-ACH and payoneer- No payment fee

click here to register for Infolink

Media.net is kind of interesting to use , it's a contextual ad network. this means that they show thier advert based on the context of the page you have for instance if my article is about shoes, media.net will place ads to your readers about shoes and if your page is about clothes, media.net will show ads relates to clothes to your readers. media.net is actually powered by yahoo and bing.
there are some features media.net has , which is:
-Contextual advertisement; have actually explained that above , ads will been shown on your page base on the context of your page.
-High revenue: quality of ads are high and some technique will help you make some amount of money from your hosted ads.
-Mobile ads; media.net detect mobile and smart phone browsers and serves mobile ads which will help you increase some income , because mobile ads are the future of advertising for publishers.
- Account manager: not all ad networks are giving dedicated account manager, media.net give you a manager as soon as you get approved, your ad manager will assist you in anything you wish to do and also help you stat up and get things running for you.
-Neat Dashboard: they have good reporting dashboard and it very easy to use.
-One account for different website; if you have an approved account with media.net, you can run advertisement of multiple website and you will have to get approval for each of them , this work the same as Google adsense.
-Multiple ad unit; you can crate different ads unit size using the media.net management panel.

click here to register for media.net

Now you know the difference, Good Luck!!!!!

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