Google Adsense New Report Page That Makes It Easier For Publisher

Google Adsense New Report Page That Makes It Easier For Publisher

Google has launched a replacement AdSense reporting page, the corporate announced this on Tuesday. The new Reports page is going to be rolling out at phases and it might be up to 2 weeks before it gets to all publishers.

The new AdSense Reports page (top) and therefore the old one which will be phased out at the top of September (bottom). Source: Google.

New data constraints: 

Google has stopped showing data to the last three years for all Google AdSense products. With the exception of billing and payments data, it's also removed all AdMob and YouTube reporting data. And Google said this limit they have placed will make everything more accurate.

Historic data can still be downloaded from the old Reports page or the new Reports page, where it'll be accessible until the top of 2020.

Old Reports page will remain temporarily available:

Publishers are going to have automatically opted in to the new Reports page when their accounts are updated. However, the previous iteration of the Reports page will remain accessible until the top of September.

The future of AdSense: 

The AdSense API is going to be upgraded in 2021 with more parameters and signals. Over the subsequent year, Google will prioritize enabling publishers to urge more insights from the info they have already got by contextualizing reporting data with suggestions.

Why we care:

The new Reports interface should make it easier for publishers to control and visualize their data. And also, they added more in-product that help you move-over information icons. These Google Adsense improvements can really help publishers show trends, Aand also compare important metrics, and learn better about how their account is performing.

Publishers that want to download data that’s quite three years old should do so before it’s gone permanently, which might be the top of 2020 if you’re using the new Reports page or the top of September if you’re on the older version.

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